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We make a range of composts, mulches and growing media based on composted farmyard manure.

We are able to offer straight composted manure, mulch, general purpose compost and wood chips.  A lawn dressing for regenerating worn patches can be produced to order.

Our products are supplied in easy to handle 30 litre bags, in bulk bags or loose bulk.

We will deliver to your door (or to your garden) or you can visit us and buy cash and carry.  How to find us

NEW:   Moss Peat Free Coir Compost is now available.  More

Our products are Aminopyralid Free:
Many gardeners have been worried about Aminopyralid being present in manures and composts because they cause long term problems particularly for vegetable growing. We are able to assure you that our products are not contaminated with this chemical as we have never used it on this farm.  More

What our customers say:

Komit Kompost. A natural product from an efficient and friendly company, the mulch is easy to spread, reduces weed growth, conserves moisture and has greatly improved my soil.
Richard Thwaites. (A very satisfied customer for several years. Hawkchurch)

Dahlias much admired by many many passers by. Harry May (Mackerel boat skipper. Lyme Regis)

Can't think of anything better to put on the garden. It is like a good Christmas pudding!!
Melanie Kennedy (Garden designer. Netherbury)

Fantastic results giving a long flowering period. Sally David (David Landscapes. Beaminster)

Komit Kompost,  North Buckham Farm,  Beaminster,  Dorset DT8 3SH

Telephone: 01308 863054   Mobile: 07974 943411

Email: komitkompost@hotmail.co.uk

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